My name is Mike Dunn; I am a Calgary business coach, mentor and advisor with the support your business needs to grow and thrive.

I am here to help you get what you want from your business with proven solutions for you and your leadership team.

Having worked through some of the biggest and exciting challenges, business can throw at you has helped me grow and improve as an entrepreneur and leader. Together we can get your business in shape to take advantage of exciting opportunities, overcome obstacles and reach its potential. I am here to help you turn your drive into success.

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There is strength in partnership; having someone to fight in your corner and invest experience and care into your business. Mike Dunn acts as a partner and coach, supporting you as an entrepreneur and a business leader, maximizing your drive to grow and strengthen your business.

Mike’s experience starting and selling a successful business has combined with a commitment and investment in continuous learning to support others. This has culminated in an approach to personalized business coaching that supports you in achieving your potential.

When you bet on yourself… Anything Is Possible

Alongside a dedicated team Mike started Enerbuilt Technologies Inc. in 2007 and he quickly realized that he had a steep learning curve ahead. As his practical experience increased, he understood that in order for the business to grow, he needed to strengthen his abilities as a leader. Committing to self-growth and continual learning benefitted every aspect of his life and business. This is the turning point when he really started to the understand power of having great people, advisors and mentors around him. This openness helped him to become a better leader and build on the strengths of his team to maximize the potential of the business. Challenges became opportunities. His core belief is that anything is possible once you learn you don’t need to have all the answers yourself.

When you are open… Every challenge is a gift

Mike’s purpose is to help likeminded leaders and entrepreneurs reach the full potential of their vision. The process starts by uncovering invaluable information about who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going in business and in life. On this strong foundation Mike will work with you to implement growth strategies. These strategies are based on proven business principles, executed with practical and accessible tools. Mike Dunn’s approach balances a passion for providing support with a strategic framework: helping you get what you want from your business.

When you invest your time… Help comes first

Whether your reason for seeking help is lack of control in your business, or it’s not generating enough profit for time and energy invested, frustrations with employees, vendors and or customers alike or you’re hitting the ceiling and it feels like nothing is working anymore, there is a solution and those challenges can become opportunities for big steps forward.

Mike understands that when you are bold enough to invest in finding answers, you can generate traction towards achieving your goals.

Mike’s ‘Why’ is simple... his passion is helping you to succeed as he believes every business can reach it’s potential if there’s a sound business model. That said, the difference between a successful business and a stressful business is "that SUCCESSFUL" leaders are open to continuous learning and have the courage and skills to efficiently put new ideas into action.

Positive change is the result of implementing practical tools that bridge the gap between knowing and doing.

Encouraging strength, ownership and growth while being open and honest is the journey. When you work with Mike, he’ll show you how anything is possible with your business.